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Our Labels & Wall Stickers

Important Information and how to apply

  • Labels must be used within two weeks of receiving them, the longer you leave the labels the harder it will be to apply.
  • Our labels are made from quality vinyl and they adhere to almost all smooth and clean surfaces as glass, plastic, walls, mirrors, tiles and treated wood. They do not stick to raw wood, fabric, uneven or rough surfaces
  • All labels are NZ made. Once the machine cuts the labels, the excess vinyl is weeded out of the decal by hand, covered with top application tape that is used for you to install the decal onto your surface. This is a lengthy process, please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order.
  • The labels are easily removable but not reusable. If they give you trouble just add heat as vinyl softens if exposed to high temperatures.
  • Providing they are applied according to our instructions the labels are water resistant 24 hours after application.  Do not soak labels in water and labels are not dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended only.
  • We are not responsible for any errors while applying the vinyl. Please be patient and take your time applying the label.
  • The surface you are applying the vinyl on must be completely clean and dry. Make sure the surface is free of dust, oil and dirt. Wipe surface with warm water only, do not use any chemicals.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the label. Do not handle the vinyl for too long as the oil released from your fingers will make it difficult for the vinyl to stick to the surface.
  • Using a flat tool, like a credit card, press down on the label you are about to use. This will ensure the label sticks to the clear transfer tape, making it easier to peel off the paper.
  • Remove backing paper from label, exposing the adhesive side. Be very careful and slow when doing this to make sure you do not tear the label in the process. 
  • Once backing paper is removed, arrange label on desired surface from centre of the letters first and working your way out. Press down firmly with a flat toll over entire label to affix.
  • It is suggested to leave the clear transfer tape on for 24hrs before removing it, however, if you feel it is coming off easily you can start peeling away the transfer tape immediately.
  • Remove transfer tape slowly and gently at an angle starting from the top an d pulling down. If the letters of your label start to lift with the transfer paper, lay it back down and press on the area again until label is affixed on the surface.
  • Never rub the letters after the transfer tape is removed.